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Model 53 Watering Bowl

Model 53 Watering Bowl

· Part Number: 17600
· Efficient way to water your dog or small animal



PRICE: $47.68


Model 95 Water Saver Nipple

• Part Number:10095
• Superb water savings
• Minimal water spillage
• Cast Stainless Steel construction
• Anatomically designed natural for the animal to
   drink efficiently.
• Multiple wrench flats on body for easy installation
   and removal
• Easy for the animals to use & learn while having little
   or no water spillage.
• The nipple utilizes our proven trigger and screen filter
   which keeps foreign matter out of the valve.
• Adjustable to three water flow rates
• Body has round, angled design and a closed, oval end.
   It is natural for the animal to drink efficiently.
• The trigger is placed far enough from the outlet of the nipple,
   which means that the animal has to take the nipple into
   its mouth to activate the water flow.
 • When the animal activates the trigger, the water flows
   naturally into the animals mouth eliminating side spray,
   thus, saving water.
 • Self cleaning as the water flow is activated.
 • Nothing inside the body of the nipple to catch feed or
   particles to potentiality make the nipple drip water.
 • The end of the body is 1 1/8 inches wide.
 • Standard 1/2 inch water connection.

PRICE: $9.95




Wrench Curve 65 Nipple Parts

Model: Wrench Curve 65 Nipple

Made In America

· Part Number: 14665
· Long Lasting non-corrosive 304 Stainless Steel body and trigger
· 360 degree Wrench Access, “Exclusive Patented Trojan Feature”
· Wrench Curve means more material at wrench pressure points
#for a stronger, superior structure
· Slotted filter keeps foreign matter out of valve
· Adjustable to three water flow rates
· Superior wet feeder nipple

PRICE: $5.50


65 Trigger Flow Nipple Parts

Model: 65 Trigger Flow Nipple

· Part Number: 10020
· Long Lasting 400 Stainless Steel Body and trigger
· Screen filter keeps foreign matter out of valve
· Adjustable to three water flow rates
· For use in farrowing Stalls, creeps and nurseries
· Rounded trigger
· Easy for baby pigs to activate trigger
· Outstanding for baby pigs



PRICE: $4.50


BB-09 Waterer

• Part #: 60273
• Float controlled for rapid refill. Nothing for
••your animal to activate for the water to flow.
• No training needed
• Automatic shut off when water is refilled.
• Strong high grade nylon construction with
••heavy metal guard & shield.
• Plastic float no water saturation like Styro
••foam floats.
• Water supply attaches from the top left or
••right side.
• Adjust the water level with the float
• Mounts on wall using lag bolts (not included)
• Clean fresh water is refilled back into the
••water bowl as the animals drink the water
••Drain plug molded into the bowl easy
• Water bowl is angled down towards the
••drain for clean out.
• Perfect for a variety of animals including
••Dogs, Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Goats.

Replaces our dis-continued
Model GB-06 Waterer !!
Improved valve and bowl design !

PRICE: $56.52


Stall Fount

Stall Fount

· Part Number: 16871
· Entire unit is 304 Stainless Steel for long life
· Features smooth, rounded edges for animal's safety
· Easy to clean--water cleans trough surface as it swirls out
· Rapid refill rate
· Length: 14", Width: 13"
· 1.9 gallon capcity
· Non-heated unit


PRICE: $271.73







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