2 1/2 Gallon Pen Waterer W/ Rubber Water Nipple

2 1/2 Gallon Pen Waterer W/ Rubber Water Nipple

Product Details

The Trojan line of Pen Waterers is ideal for use in pens for calves, goats, and sheep. To drink, the animals simply bite down to activate the water flow. When the animal releases the nipple, the water flow stops, conserving valuable resources.

• Ideal for calves, goats, and sheep
• Excellent way to deliver medication to animals
• Conveniently locate them wherever needed for a portable, durable water source
• Constructed of high impact plastic, Trojan Waterers resist rust and corrosion
• Includes our time-tested Gravity Flow Wrench Curve 65 with rubber nipple attachment
• Easily attached on a fence or pen and can be easily adjusted for the drinking height needed for your animals
• Great for travel since motion and jarring will not activate the water valve or allow the water to spill out