66B Stock Tank Heater-NEW USA

66B Stock Tank Heater-NEW USA

Product Details

Trojan's New, USA 66B L.P. Gas Stock Tank Heater is designed to provide a thermostatically controlled heating solution using LP Gas or Natural Gas, when electricity is not available where your stock tanks are located.  Because of the new adjustable brackets, it can be used in a wider variety of plastic, metal, or concrete stock tanks, giving yout he ability to give your animals thawed, drinkable water even in harsh winter weather conditions.

Made in the USA with high-quality US steel creating a heavy-duty casing that is powder coated for extra protection

  • Control & burner assembly that is easily removed for servicing and is designed to stay lit
  • AGA listed automatic control for safe operation
  • Ability to produce up to 12,400 BTU           every hour
  • For proper operation, heater should be submersed in 2-feet of water.
  • Ideal for 100-gallon stock tanks and larger
  • Propane hook up kit included with 66B*
  • Dimensions:

- Height: 35”

- Diameter: 8.5”

- Weight: 49 lbs.

- Casing and heat chamber

- Length: 20”