BB09 W/ Stainless Steel Cover and Shield

BB09 W/ Stainless Steel Cover and Shield

Product Details

The BB-09 Water Fount is a durable float controlled fount with adjustable water levels that automatically refills as the animal drinks. This fount is made out of smooth nylon that is heat, chemical, and water resistant. The BB09 has a molded slot for a shield to protect the float and valve and a removable drain plug for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Also available with 5 foot hose to attach to outdoor spigot or yard hydrant and a bracket for stability for a freestanding mounting option with a minimum drinking height of 6 ½” (Part # 6025)
  • Stainless Steel Cover and Shield for Longevity
  • Water source can be attached on left or right side of fount
  • Unit measures 8 ¼” X 8 ¾” X 6 ½”
  • Not Recommended for Swine