Stainless Steel Waterswing Without Play Guard

Stainless Steel Waterswing Without Play Guard

Product Details

The Trojan Waterswing is a hanging nipple waterer featuring our patented Play Guard. The Play Guard is a key feature that helps reduce water waste by forcing the animal to take the nipple directly into its mouth, eliminating side biting. When hung 2-4 inches above the animals’ backs, using the mounting kit, the Waterswing will always hang straight with a 30 degree angle at the arms of the Waterswing to give a natural drinking approach every time.  Because the Trojan Waterswing hangs from above, the drinking height is easily adjusted. The Waterswing also offers a reduction of wear and tear on pen panels, 360 degree access to water, and play opportunity that can reduce aggression that could result in injury. Nipples and Mounting kit not included.