Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do you adjust the water flow on my pressure valve?

  2. Will my drinking nipple work with gravity flow water pressure? In most cases drinking nipples do not like gravity flow water pressure. If you are not satisfied with the water flow you can drill out the hole in the orifice to allow additional water to flow. Drill through the center of the back orifice with a drill bit ½ size larger than the largest hole in the orifice.

  3. Are all Trojan drinking nipples standard 1/2" threads? Yes, all our drinking nipples are standard ½" threads.

  4. How many pigs can drink per nipple? There have been many studies through the years by various Universities. All the studies recommend about 12-15 pigs per nipple.

  5. Why is my water nipple leaking? This could be caused by a number possibilities. Take the nipple apart and clean out any particles that might be holding the trigger to one side. If the nipple froze it will do damage to the body of the nipple and cause it to leak. Call Trojan Specialty Products for additional recommendations.
    Other solutions include:
    1. Nipple could have frozen.
       Solution: Replace Nipple. 
    2. Nipple could been improperly installed (pipe wrench) and is now "egged shaped".
    3. Solution: Replace Nipple
    4. Nipple could have foreign matter inside.
    5. Solution: Clean out inside of nipple body. To clean out your nipple, remove the orifice from the back of the nipple. Turn it counter-clockwise to remove. A quarter coin works very well for this. Once removed, the trigger and spring will fall out. Do not remove the inside parts of the nipple. Clean the orifice, trigger and spring then re-assemble the nipple.
    6. Nipple may have too much water pressure, 30 to 40 pounds is ideal.
    7. Solution: Adjust water pressure supplying nipple.

  6. How can I fix a leaking water nipple? A repair kit can in most cases fix leaking nipples. Call Trojan Specially Products for recommendations for the model you have. If a nipple is allowed to freeze in most cases it cannot be repaired.

Rubber Drinking Nipples

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Cup Waterers - Pressure

  1. Will my Model 33 Cup work with gravity flow water pressure? No the model 33 cup has our 393-pressure valve installed. The 393-pressure valve would have to be changed to our 290-gravity flow valve. NOTE: In most cases drinking nipples do not like gravity flow water pressure. If you are not satisfied with the water flow you can drill out the hole in the orifice to allow additional water to flow. Drill through the center of the back orifice with a drill bit ½ size larger than the largest hole in the orifice.

  2. Is the blue diecast Model 33 cup, the black cast iron cup and the stainless steel all the same size?Yes all three cups are the same size and all have the same bolt hole pattern

  3. Will the new plastic adapter work in my Model 33 cup? Yes our new plastic adapter will work in all of our cups.

  4. What is the difference between the Model 33 and the Model 93 cup? The model 33 is manufactured from die cast aluminum blue in color and is 7" long. The model 93 is manufactured from cast iron black in color and is 9" long.

Cup Waterers - Gravity

  1. Will my Model 13 Gravity Cup work with water pressure? No, this Model has our 290 gravity flow valve and you can not hook it up to water pressure.

  2. Will my gravity flow waterer work with a plastic or metal barrel?Yes, the gravity flow waterer can be connected to a plastic or metal barrel.

  3. Is there any way to heat my gravity flow waterer? There is no way to heat the actual cup and valve; however, you can purchase a floating or submersible heater (ie: Trojan's 250 Watt Immersion Heater ) for your barrel.

  4. What is the difference between the Model 13 & Model 63 gravity waterers? The Model 13 is manufactured from die cast aluminum, blue in color and is 7 " long. The Model 63 is manufactured from cast iron, black in color and is 9" long.

Waterers Plastic - Metal - Pressure

  1. What do you mean by paddle activated? The term "Paddle Activated" means that the animal has to push their nose on a paddle to activate the water flow.

  2. Can I hook up my waterer to a garden hose? In most cases you can hook up your unit to a garden hose.

  3. What do you mean by float controlled? "Float Controlled" means as the water is drank a float automatically refills the bowl.

  4. Is my waterer heated? No, these units are not heated.

Waterer-Pressure-Pet/Poultry/Small Animals

  1. Can the Model 53 bowls be used for poultry? Yes, the Model 53 started out as a poultry waterer.


  1. Will my model 66B L.P. Gas Stock Tank Heater work in my plastic stock tank? Yes, the tank heater has a lip welded to the bottom of the casing to keep the unit off the bottom of plastic stock tanks.

  2. Do I need a non-adjusting pressure regulator between my tank and the 66B heater? Yes, you must have a non-adjusting pressure regulator in your gas line. Not having one will damage the Robert Shaw control valve and it will have to be replaced.

  3. What is the minimum size water tank suitable for the use with the Trojan 66B Stock Tank Heater? The mimum size recommended is 100 gallons or larger. A sheep tank that is 2" tall will not work with the heater.

  4. I have a problem with my 66B Stock Tank Heater (Include trouble shooting guide - coming soon)

  5. What Size L.P. gas tank do I use? We recommend that you use a 100 pound or larger gas cylinder. The size used for a barbeque grill is too small.

  6. Can I convert my 66B tank heater to natural gas? Yes, the tank heater can be converted to natural gas. We recommend you make contact with Trojan Specialty Products customer service to discuss the process.

  7. How does the Hot-Scot Heater work? The Hot-Scot heater is designed to provide heat to a particular area. Such as well house's water supply lines. Just plug the heater into a standard outlet and adjust the thermostat and let it work. When the temperature rises the thermostat will shut the heater off. When the area around the heater lowers in temperaturethe heater will come on.

  8. How hot does the Hot-Scot Heater get? The Hot-Scot Heater has an adjustable thermostat built in allowing the temperature tobe set ranging from 30 degrees to 150 degrees. You set it where you want it.
  9. Settings:
    Low SettingApproximately 30 degrees
    Medium SettingApproximately 75 degrees
    High SettingApproximately 150 Degrees

  10. Can the Hot-Scot Heater be submurged in water? No, the Hot-Scot Heater is not designed to be submerged in water. Placing the Hot-Scot in water could cause bodily injury or death.

  11. Why does my Hot-Scot heater not work with ground fault indicators? The thermostat in the Hot-Scot Heater is a snap thermostat. Sometimes when you have the heater plugged into a ground fault indicator outlet it will trip the indicator when the unit turns on. If this continues, simply plug the unit into an electrical outlet without the ground fault indicator.


  1. How high should the water swings be in my pen? The Plastic or Stainless Steel Water Swings should be 2" above the Pigs back. Raise or lower the swings by using the "S" hook on the chain.

  2. Will the plastic water swings work ok for my finisher size pigs? Yes, the plastic water swings will work for any size pig as long as they are 2" above the animal's back.

  3. How many pigs can drink from the water swings? Approximately 12-15 pigs per drinking nipple.


  1. Can the Stock Tank Valve work on plastic stock tanks? Yes, the tank valve comes with two sizes of brackets to mount to the rim of your Stock tank.

  2. Can the Stainless Steel Snap Feeder be used as a waterer? Yes, it can be used as a waterer or feeder for just about any smaller animal.

Gravity Flow and Gallon Connectors

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